History of La Musardière

1810 Philibert AULOY created the first damask fabric In France
1870 Became a middle-class house, this beautiful mansion owned to
Monsieur PERNET, who added two building wings to the main house.
Now main house and right wing are mister FANOUILLAIRE's property
and the left wing is  RICOL family's property.

1928 Mister BLANC,Lyons industrialist, make it its summer residence.
Finding the house too huge, he sold the left wing and a part of the garden to
mister ROUSSEAU, the grandfather of mister RICOL.
Since this day four generations of ROUSSEAU-RICOL have lived there.

1988 The guest rooms were created.

La MUSARDIERE The small house near the left wing used to be
a domestics dependence .
Few years later more rooms were created :
NARCISSE on the first floor and GLYCINE on the second floor.
June 1999 The swimming pool appeared in the garden.

2004 The first gypsy caravan : PRINTEMPS was acquired.
2005 arrangment of a four-person gite, on the ground floor of LA MUSARDIERE.
2008 The new gypsy caravan : AUTOMNE.

All those arrangments and upgrades were possible thanks to

financial contributions of every guest who came to our house.

Thank you to keep safe our heritage !